fredag 4. februar 2011

Tapas og Øl

Følgende serveringsforslag til kombinasjonen "Tapas og Øl" blev funnet på internettet.
Har ikke rukket å teste alle forslag, men de som er utprøvet til nå har falt i smak.

Tapas and Beer Combinations

Allioli – Strong garlic paste on bread
Beer matches: Saison, Witbier, Pilsner, Helles Bock

Almonds fried in olive oil, topped with salt, pepper and paprika
Beer matches: Flanders Red Ale, German Pils, Dunkelweizen, Witbier

Bread with tomato and garlic
Beer matches: Weissbier, Blonde Ale, Kolsch, Belgian Tripel

Champinones al aj illo – aj illo mushrooms with olive oil, garlic and dry Spanish sherry
Beer matches: American barleywine, Biere de Garde, Old Ale, Saison

Chorizo al Vino – Chorizo sausage cooked in wine
Beer matches: Extra Special Bitter, India Pale Ale, Saison, English Barleywine

Cured cheese topped with anchovies
Beer matches: Pilsner, English Bitters, Dry Stout, Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Gambas a la Plancha – prawns sautéed in salsa negra or garlic
Beer matches: Saison, Pilsner, Dry Stout, Weissbier

Mariscos – anchovies, sardines, squid or mackerel in olive oil
Beer matches: Gueuze, Weissbier, Dry Stout, Saison

Olives – manzanilla or arbequina olives
Beer matches: Weissbier, Belgian Pale Ale, SpiceHerb/Vegetable Beer

Patatas bravas – potatoes with mayonnaise, herbs and garlic
Beer matches: Witbier, ESB, Altbier, American Wheat Beer

Rajo – pork seasoned with garlic and parsley
Beer matches: IPA, Saison, Weissbier, Schwarzbier

Red onion and orange salad
Beer matches: Weissbier, Witbier, Belgian Tripel, Fruit Lambic

Zorza – rajo with paprika
Beer matches: Russian Imperial Stout, Robust Porter, IPA, English Barleywine

Tapas may also be more Americanized or international in character:

Pancetta, prosciutto di Parma, Beluga caviar, Moroccan lamb, classic cheddar, aged Gruyere, Goat cheese, Stilton Cheese, oysters, calamari, escargot, stuffed grape leaves with merguez sausage, slices of bratwurst, mussels, Gallina Blanca Shrimp, crudités, smoked salmon, lobster, spring rolls, egg whites filled with salmon pate, Spanish ham croquettes, toasted breads topped with pork, ham or sausage, wrapped water chestnuts, Spanish omelets.

Beer matches: Saison blends well with most foods. Lighter foods generally merge well with Wheat Beers. IPA, Barleywine, and Bitters can carry foods heavier in fat. Gueuze, Weissbier and Pilsners marry up well with seafood, egg and vegetable dishes.

Tapas are treats that favor diversity, flexibility and freedom of lifestyle. With the many styles of beer available, you may wish to do your own experimentation to discover the flavors most appealing to your tastebuds.


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